police officer n/a male --- circa 1972 New Jersey --- --- Black Liberation Army member Assata Shakur was convicted of killing a New Jersey State Police officer 6
Guyton, Tyrone male 15 1973 California Alameda Oakland the boy was shot in the back by a white police officer after fleeing the scene of a robbery 3
Robinson, Frank J. n/a male 74 October 13, 1976 Texas Anderson Palestine the civil rights activist's "suicide" left many open questions given there were three shell casings were found on the scene and his shotgun had been fired at least twice with one being in the garage wall; he had filed a suit against the city's electoral practices earlier in the year 5
Diamond, Glen n/a male "young" man 1976 Alabama Mobile Mobile police beat him and placed a noose around his neck temporarily in a downtown public square; survived 1
--- n/a male --- May 8, 1979 Alabama Walker Carbon Hill a black man was shot in the face by the Klan; survival unknown 1
McDuffie, Arthur n/a male --- December 17, 1979 Florida Dade Miami several officers chased down the black insurance executive who was riding his motorcycle for "allegedly violating a traffic ordinance"; he later died from injuries suffered from the beating the officers gave him; the all-white jury took only three hours to acquit the officers involved on May 17, 1980 sparking the largest riot in Miami's history 7
Briscoe, Charles n/a male 37 September 5, 1979 California Alameda Oakland a police officer, who had been involved in four previous fatal shootings, emptied his shotgun breaking Briscoe's legs, and then shot him with his service revolver killing him; the shooting was deemed justifiable by the police and district attorney 1
Jordan, Vernon male May 29, 1980 Indiana Fort Wayne the Urban League leader was shot in the back by racist Joseph Paul Franklin though he was declared innocent by an all-white jury; during the trial he had declared to "hate the race as a whole" and two witnesses had heard him brag about the shooting; survived 1
two black men n/a male --- August 1980 Utah Salt Lake Salt Lake City shot by racist Joseph Paul Franklin; survival unknown 1
--- n/a male 17 August 1980 Pennsylvania Philadelphia Philadelphia police killed the African-American boy by pistol-whipping him 1
Ward, Yulanda n/a female --- November 1, 1980 District of Columbia --- Washington the community activist was shot by a group of assailants and left in the street 1
--- n/a male "young" man ca. 1980 Michigan Wayne Detroit the man died being tortured by a police officer with an electric cattle prod 1
Donald, Michael male 19 March 21, 1981 Alabama Mobile and Baldwin Mobile his two assailants, members of the KKK, placed a noose around his neck, beat him with a stick over 100 times and cut his throat three times, then hung him from a tree 2, 4, 7
McDonald, Douglas n/a male --- October 12, 1981 Mississippi Hinds Eastover his castrated body was found in a lake with his ears removed 1
--- n/a --- --- October 1981 Arizona --- --- a group of 300 black evangelicals who bought property for a church retreat were harassed and terrorized including being shot at and nearly run over with motor vehicles culminating with a bomb being placed in their van that killed one person and injured eight more 1
--- n/a --- --- December 8, 1981 Georgia Walton Social Circle the body was discovered after having been "lynched"; it belonged to the cousin of historian Manning Marable's wife 1
Randolph Jr., Charles and family n/a male "retired" 1981 Connecticut --- "rural" the black ex-postal worker moved his family to a small rural town in Connecticut where his dog and ducks were killed, he received death threats, his car was sabotaged, and his son was run off the road destroying that vehicle; survived 1
Reems, Chester n/a male --- May 3, 1982 North Carolina Durham Durham thrown 80 feet in the air after being run into with an automobile because he was walking with a white woman 1
York, Frederick n/a male 38 1982 Georgia Fulton Atlanta found hanging from a tree in downtown Atlanta 1
--- n/a male "young" man May 26, 1982 North Carolina Franklin Franklinton one black male was killed and another shot by a white man 1
Turks, William n/a male --- June 22, 1982 New York New York Brooklyn (New York City) a gang of white youths stopped a car of three black men; two managed to escape but Turks was caught and beaten to death 1
--- n/a --- --- Summer 1982 Massachusetts Suffolk Dorchester (Boston) apartment building that blacks had recently moved into was firebombed by youth 1
--- --- --- --- July 1983 southern Missouri --- --- white supremacist group The Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the Lord firebombed a synagogue and Jewish businesses 9
--- --- --- --- August 1983 Missouri Greene Springfield white supremacist group The Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the Lord firebombed a gay community church in Springfield 9
Stumpp, Bill n/a male --- November 3, 1983 Arkansas Bowie Texarkana Richard Snell, a vicious white supremacist, killed Stumpp in the mistaken belief that Stumpp, a pawnshop owner, was Jewish 9, 10
two federal marshals n/a --- --- 1983 North Dakota Stutsman Medina Gordon Kahl killed two federal marshals and wounded three others as he left a Posse Comitatus group meeting; he compared the killings to his service in WWII; it was his duty because he had "discovered that our nation had fallen into the hands of an alien people"; he evaded the law for some months before dying after being trapped in a bunker that caught fire while he was in a showdown with federal agents in Arkansas 9
Person, Bobby n/a male --- 1983 North Carolina Moore --- Mr. Person, an African American prison guard in Moore County, attempted to apply for a promotion to sergeant; the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan burned a cross in his yard and held his family at gunpoint while in army fatigues to intimidate his attempt at economic betterment 9
Berg, Alan n/a male 50 June 18, 1984 Colorado Denver Berg was gunned down in his driveway, assassinated by members of the white supremacist group The Order; Berg was an outspoken antiracist, and prominent lawyer and radio talk show commentator who was Jewish 9
Bryant, Louis P. n/a male June 30, 1984 Arkansas --- --- Richard Snell, a white supremacist and member of The Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the Lord militia, killed African American state trooper Louis Bryant during a routine traffic stop; this allowed federal agents to raid The Covenant's compund where they seized an extremely large and illegal cache of weapons including enough sodium cyanide to kill 440,000 people 9, 10
--- n/a --- --- Summer 1984 Alabama Montgomery Montgomery the headquarters of the Southern Poverty Law Center was firebombed by Klan members linked to the Aryan Nations group 9
Matthews, Robert Jay n/a male --- late November 1984 Washington Island County Whidbey Island Matthews was one of the men present when The Order assassinated radio host and lawyer Alan Berg; when the FBI caught up to him at his Whidbey Island hideout he engaged in a thirty-six hour standoff firing at the more than 100 agents present to hold them off; when a helicopter dropped illumination flares into the area it ignited something in the home which exploded into a massive fireball killing Matthews; since many members of The Order when arrested had large caches of explosives, this may have been the cause of the explosion 9
a state trooper n/a --- --- April 15, 1985 Missouri --- --- David Tate, a member of The Order, was stopped by two state troopers in a routine traffic check in Missouri near The Order's training camp there; he shot two state troopers, killing one of them and was arrested after a five-day search 9
Marshall, Robert and Martha n/a 1985 Kentucky Jefferson Louisville (Sylvania neighborhood) their home was firebombed on the night they moved in; they sued a county police officer who had been identified as a Klan member; he testified that of the forty Klan members that he knew, about half were also police officers and that superiors looked the other way as long as it did not become public 8
Griffith, Michael n/a male --- December 20, 1986 New York New York Queens (New York City) Michael Griffith was one of three black men whose car broke down in Bensonhurst and then went into a pizzeria to use the phone; a group of Italian Americans ended up chasing them out of the neighborhood with bats; two of the men were beaten; Griffith in a daze from the chase stumbled into the highway and was killed by a car 7
three people --- --- --- January 17, 1987 North Carolina Cleveland --- two members of the White Patriot's Party in North Carolina, Robert Jackson and Doug Sheets, committed an armed robbery of a porn shop shooting five people in the head; then they firebombed the building; two of the victims must have had glancing wounds as they were able to escape and survive, but the other three died 9
an African-American family n/a ca. 1987 Illinois Cook Cicero when the family attempted to move into all-white Cicero they were greeted with rifle shots and firebombs of which no one was convicted; the council president of Cicero after the incident stated that the "area is well-secured" 8
Hawkins, Yusef n/a male --- August 23, 1989 New York New York Bensonhurst (New York City) Hawkins, a student, and three friends went to look at a car for sale in Bensonhurst and were attacked by a group of about 30 whites; they chased the friends and fired shots at them striking Hawkins twice and killing him 7
Seraw, Mulugeta n/a --- --- late 1980s Oregon Multnomah Portland Seraw, an Ethiopian student in Portland, was murdered by skinheads associated with WAR, the White Aryan Resistance, led by tom Metzger out of California; a civil suit found Metzger and WAR jointly liable with $12.5 million in damages awarded Seraw's family 9
Sharpton, Rev. Al n/a male --- 1991 New York New York Bensonhurst (New York City) during a protest over lenient sentencing of the killers of Yusef Hawkins, Rev. Sharpton was stabbed by angry counter-protesters 7
Harlins, Latasha n/a female 15 March 6, 1991 California Los Angeles Los Angeles the 15-year-old was shot in the back of the head by a Korean grocery-store owner in adispute over an orange juice; this was part of the background context of the Rodney King riots that made them so volatile 7
Mayi, Manuel n/a male --- March 29, 1991 New York New York Queens (New York City) the college student was killed by a white racist gang 3
Green, Malice male --- 1992 Michigan Wayne Detroit Green was severely kicked and punched by two white police officers while other officers did nothing to stop the beating; Green had a seizure and died on the way to the hospital 3
Elliot, Archie male 24 1993 Maryland Prince Georges --- shot 14 times by two police officers while his hands were handcuffed behind his back and he was in the front seat of a police car; the officers said he had managed to get a gun and was threatening them 3
two African Americans n/a --- --- December 1995 North Carolina --- near Fort Rragg a group of active-duty skinheads at Fort Bragg murdered two African Americans 9
Gammage, Jonny male --- 1995 Pennsylvania Allegheny Pittsburgh Gammage was beaten, stomped, and eventually asphyxiated to death by five white police officers in a predominately white suburb after a traffic stop; one of the grand jurors compared the case to a nineteenth-century lynching due to its brutality; he had no prior police record 3
Buchanan, Rudy n/a male 22 1995 Arizona Maricopa Phoenix Buchanan was shot at 89 times while in a housing project and fatally wounded 3
Watson, Aswan "Keshawn" n/a male 23 June 13, 1996 New York New York New York City Watson was shot 24 times in a car by two undercover officers who claimed he reached for something while in a stolen vehicle; he was in fact unarmed and witnesses said he placed his hands up as the officers approached him 3
--- n/a male --- 1996 California --- Los Angeles two LAPD officers shot a gang member intentionally, paralyzing him, then planted a gun to make it appear to be self-defense; this was admitted by one of the officers after he had been convicted of stealing eight pounds of cocaine from police custody 3
Lewis, TyRon male 18 1996 Florida Pinellas St. Petersburg killed by police after allegedly using his car as a weapon against them when directed to stop 3
Cedeno, Kevin n/a male 16 April 16, 1997 New York New York Manhattan (New York City shot in the back while holding a machete and running away from police; the officer who shot Cedeno, Anthony Pellegrini, was named Officer of the Month while still under investigation for the shooting; no one was indicted for the shooting; Pellegrini claimed the boy lunged at him with the machete causing him to shoot 3
Louima, Abner male --- 1997 New York New York Brooklyn (New York City) the Haitian-American was beaten by police and then sodomized with a broken broom handle by officer Justin A.Volpe; Volpe was convicted and sentenced to 30 years in prison; Charles Schwarz who held Louima down was also convicted; two other officers were acquitted; Volpe's initial defense was that Louima's injuries were due to consensual sex prior to his arrest, before he ultimately plead guilty; three officers including Schwarz were convicted in federal court on March 6, 2000 of conspriring to obstruct justice in Schwarz's case; Louima sued New York and won $8.75 million in damages 3, 7
Hernandez Jr., Esequiel male --- 1997 Texas Presidio Redford Hernandez was killed by four US Marines who were on drug patrol sparking a debate about the role of the military in civilian policing 3
Byrd, James n/a male 49 June 7, 1998 Texas Jasper Jasper Byrd was lynched by three white racists; he was beaten and then chained to the back of a truck and dragged to death; two of the assailants were given death sentences and one life in prison 7
Diallo, Amadou male 22 (23?) February 4, 1999 New York New York Bronx (New York City) shot nineteen times in a hail of 41 bullets by four white police officers while unarmed in his apartment's vestibule; the trial was moved to an area 150 miles from NYC where an all-white jury acquitted the four officers of all charges 3, 7
Miller, Tyisha female --- late 90's --- --- --- shot twelve times by four policemen when she was found unconscious in a car by police with a gun in her lap; no relative had called the police to help her; no officer was charged, though they were later fired. 3
Baez, Anthony male 29 late 90's New York New York New York City Baez hit a police car with a football and was killed by Officer Francis X. Livoti; Livoti was acquitted of criminally negligent homocide but sentenced to seven and a half years for federal civil rights violations; he had used a chokehold that had been outlawed by the NYPD 3
Mitchell, Margaret Laverne female 55 --- --- --- --- the mentally ill homeless woman was shot after allegedly lunging at a police officer with a screwdriver; no officer charged. 3
Zarraga, Daniel Garcia n/a male --- --- --- --- --- shot and killed, the police claimed, after lunging at them with a "shiny object"; no officer charged 3
Huang, Yong Xin male 16 --- --- --- --- shot behind the left ear at close range after an alleged struggle over an air gun; no officer charged 3
Bumpers, Eleanor female "elderly" --- --- --- --- the mentally ill woman was killed by police called to her apartment to evict her for not paying her rent 3
Rivera, Lewis n/a male --- --- --- --- --- the homeless man was chased by five police officers, pepper-sprayed, kicked, bound hand and foot and dragged to a police car, dying less than an hour later in a holding cell 3
McQueen, Ivory n/a female 43 --- North Carolina Cumberland --- the black woman with a history of mental problems was shot multiple times because she was holding a kitchen knife 3